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Stoddard, New Hampshire

Cheshire county. This town is bounded N. by Washington, E. by Windsor and Antrim, S. by Nelson and Sullivan, and W. by Gilsum and Marlow. It is 14 miles N.N.E. from Keene and 42 W.S.W. from Concord.

This town is situated on the height of land between Merrimack and Connecticut rivers. It is mountainous and very rocky. The soil is better adapted to grazing than tillage. The south branch of Ashuelot river has its source near the centre of the town. The streams in the east section fall into the Merrimack; those on the west, into the Connecticut. There are fourteen ponds, some of which are of considerable magnitude.

This town was formerly called Limerick. It was incorporated in 1774, when it received the name of Stoddard, from Col. Samson Stoddard, of Chelmsford, to whom with several others it was granted. The settlement commenced in June, 1769. The first family was that of John Taggard, whose privations and hardships were very great. Their grain was procured at Peterborough, at the distance of 20 miles, which was conveyed by him on his back through the pathless wilderness. At one time, they had nothing, for six days, on which to subsist, but the flesh of the moose. Population, 1837, 1,159.

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