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Nelson, New Hampshire

Cheshire county, is situated on the height of land between Connecticut and Merrimack rivers. The surface is hilly, but good for grazing. In the S. part a branch of the Ashuelot river rises; and from Long pond in this town, and Hancock, issues a branch of Contoocook river. The best mill privileges are furnished by streams issuing from ponds in this town, of which there are four, containing a surface of 1,800 acres. There is a cotton and other manufactories. The inhabitants are principally farmers of industrious habits. It was chartered Feb. 22, 1774, by the name of Packersfield. In June, 1814, the name was altered to Nelson. The first settlements commenced in 1767. Nelson lies 40 miles S.W. from Concord, and 8 N.E. from Keene. Population, 1830, 875.

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