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Hancock, New Hampshire

Hillsborough county. It is 35 miles from Concord, 22 from Amherst, and 19 from Keene. The W. part of the town is mountainous, but affords excellent pasturing and many good farms. The other parts of the town are agreeably diversified with plains, hills, and valleys. On the Contoocook, and some of its tributary streams, there are several tracts of excellent intervale. There are two considerable ponds, one of which is in the centre, a few rods N. of the meeting-house. There is a cotton factory, a paper mill, and several other manufacturing establishments here; also a flourishing academy. Hancock was incorporated Nov. 5, 1779. It was named after Gov. Hancock, of Boston, who was one of the original proprietors. The first settlement was begun in 1764. Population, 1830, 1,316.

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