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Shelburne, New Hampshire

Coos county. Androscoggin river passes through the centre of this town, into which fall the waters of Rattle river and some smaller streams. The soil on each bank of the river is very good, producing in abundance grain and grass; but as we rise from the river, the tracts are mountainous and unfit for cultivation.

Mount Moriah, an elevated peak of the White Mountains, lies in the S. part of Shelburne. Moses' Rock, so called from the first man known to have ascended it, (Moses Ingalls) is on the south side of the river, near the centre of the town. It is about 60 feet high and 90 long, very smooth, and rising at an angle of nearly 50°. In 1778, David and Benjamin Ingalls commenced a settlement at Shelburne, and not long afterwards several families were added. In August, 1781, a party of Indians visited this town, killed one man, made another prisoner, plundered the houses, and returned to Canada in savage triumph. This town was incorporated in 1820. Population, 1830, 312.

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