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Sheffield, Massachusetts

Berkshire county. This is a very pleasant town, on both sides of the Housatonick. The river meanders circuitously and slowly through the town, and forms large tracts of rich alluvial meadow. In large freshets the river overflows its banks to a great extent, and forms the appearance of a large lake. The village is neat; situated in a beautiful valley, surrounded by hills, one of which is 3,000 feet in height, and presents a great variety of delightful scenery. There are manufactures in the town of leather, hats, ploughs, and spirits, but the principal business of the people is agricultural. In 1837, there were 6,892 sheep sheared in the town: the value of the wool amounted to $11,372. Marble and iron ore are abundant.

Sheffield is the oldest town in the county: it was incorporated in 1733. It lies 140 miles S.W. from Boston, 20 S. from Lenox, and 28 E. from Hudson, N.Y. Population, 1837, 2,308.

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