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Seabrook, New Hampshire

Rockingham county, is situated at the S.E. corner of the state, 17 miles S.S.W. from Portsmouth, and 7 N. from Newburyport, bounded N. by Hampton Falls, E. by the Atlantic, S. by Massachusetts, W. by South Hampton and Kensington. It was formerly a part of Hampton Falls, and was granted, 1768, to Jonathan Weare and others. Settlements commenced here in 1638. The rivers are Black, Brown's, and Walton's rivers. Many of the rivulets abound with bog ore of iron. This town derives its name from the number of rivers and rivulets meandering through it. Whale-boat building is the most important manufacture, and is carried on to a greater extent than in any other town in New England. The larger part of the male inhabitants are mechanics and seamen. Perhaps no town in the state is better situated for carrying on the Bay and Labrador fisheries than this. Population, in 1830, 1,096.

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