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Sandown, New Hampshire

Rockingham county, is bounded N. by Chester and Poplin, E. by Danville, S. by Hampstead, W. by Chester and Londonderry. It is 31 miles S.E. from Concord and 26 S.W. from Portsmouth. The surface of this town is rather uneven, but the soil in general is well adapted to the production of grain and grass. Phillip's pond, lying in the S. part of the town, is the largest, being about 340 rods long, 200 wide. Angle pond, in the S.E. part of this town, is about 200 rods long, and 90 or 100 wide. There are several other smaller ponds. Squamscot river flows from Phillip's pond, and pursues a nearly level course for 1 1/2 miles, where another stream unites with it: from this junction, whenever the waters are high, the current passes back with considerable force towards the pond. The settlement of Sandown was commenced about the year 1736, by Moses Tucker, and others.—The town was originally a part of Kingston, and was incorporated, 1756. Population, in 1830, 553.

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