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New Boston, New Hampshire

Hillsborough county, is 9 miles N.N.W. from Amherst and 22 S. by W. from Concord. It is watered by several streams, the largest of which is the S. branch of Piscataquoag river, having its source in Pleasant pond, in Francestown.—This town consists of fertile hills, productive vales, and some valuable meadows. The soil is favorable for all the various productions common to this section of the state, and there are many excellent farms, under good cultivation. In the S. part of New Boston, there is a considerable elevation, called Jo English hill, on one side of which it is nearly perpendicular. Its height is 572 feet. Beard's pond, and Jo English pond, are the only ponds of note. New Boston was granted, 1736, to inhabitants of Boston. It was incorporated, 1763. The first settlement commenced about the year 1733. The first minister was Rev. Solomon Moor, from Ireland, who received his education at Glasgow. In Feb. 1767, he arrived at New Boston, and was ordained Sept. 6, 1768; died May 28, 1803, aged 67. Population, 1830, 1,680.

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