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Mason, New Hampshire

Hillsborough county. It is 15 miles S.W. from Amherst, 43 S.S.W. from Concord, and 50 N.W. from Boston. The surface is uneven; the hills are chiefly large swells, with narrow valleys between them. The streams are rapid. There are no natural ponds. The principal meadows were formerly beaver ponds. Souhegan is the principal stream, affording many fine mill seats. The small streams run into Nashua river, and into Tanapus, or Potanipo pond, in Brookline. The soil in the E. part is rather light. The W. part is mostly a strong deep soil, red or dark loam, but stony. It is good for grass and grain. In Mason village, on the Souhegan, are cotton and woolen manufactories, and other machinery. Mason was granted by charter, Aug. 26, 1768. It was formerly known by the name of No. 1. The first effort to settle this place was in 1751, and the next year a permanent settlement was made by Enoch Lawrence, from Pepperell, Mass. Population in 1830, 1,422.

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