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Brookline, New Hampshire

Hillsborough county. On the S. line of the state. It is 7 miles from Amherst, 35 from Concord, and 43 from Boston. Nisitissit is the only river in Brookline. It rises in the N.E. part of Mason, passes through the S. part of Milford into Brookline, pursuing a S.E. course to Potanipo pond. From the pond it runs S.E. to Hollis, passing through the S.W. corner of that town into Pepperell, where it empties into Nashua river. Potanipo, or Tanapus pond, is situated near the meeting house. It is about a mile long and one third of a mile wide. Brookline formerly belonged to Massachusetts. It was incorporated March 30, 1769, by the name of Raby. In Nov. 1798, the name was altered by an act of the legislature to Brookline. Population, in 1830, 627.

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