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, New Hampshire

Hillsborough county. This town is 10 miles W.N.W. from Amherst and 35 S.S.W. from Concord. It is an elevated township, having a considerable mountain which divides it from E. to W. There is, in the N.E. part of the town, below the mountain, a plain, where there is a small village, pleasantly situated near Piscataquoag river. The soil of this town, though stony, is deep and strong. For grazing it is, perhaps, not exceeded by any town in the county. The streams are small, originating principally from sources in the town, and running N. and S. from the mountain.—Lyndeborough was originally granted in 1690. In 1753, Benjamin Lynde, Esq., of Salem, purchased a considerable part of the township, and adjoining lands. From him, the place, when it was incorporated in 1764, took the name of Lyndeborough. It was settled as early as 1750. On the 15th of Nov., 1809, three children were burnt in a barn, while their parents were attending an installation at Mont Vernon.—Population, in 1830, 1,147.