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Candia, New Hampshire

Rockingham county. Was detached from the N. part of Chester and incorporated, 1763. The soil is naturally hard of cultivation, but the industry of the inhabitants has made it fruitful. It was originally covered with a thick growth of oak, ash, maple, birch, &c. The site of this town is elevated, and commands an extensive view of the rich scenery of the adjacent country—the White Hills, the Wachusett, and other mountains, the lights on Plum island, and the ocean being visible. In the W. part of the town is a ridge of land extending from N. to S., which is the highest elevation between Merrimack river and the ocean. On the E. side of this ridge, two branches of Lamprey river take their rise. Candia lies 15 miles from Concord. This town among others contributed largely to the attainment of independence; and the names of 69 soldiers of the revolution are found on its records. The inhabitants are mostly industrious farmers, many of whom are wealthy. Population, 1830, 1,362.

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