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Brentwood, New Hampshire

Rockingham county. Brentwood is bounded E. by Exeter, N. by Epping, W. by Poplin, and S. by Kingston. The soil is better adapted to grass than grain, although some improvements have been made in its qualities. Exeter river passes nearly through the centre of the town, and there are other streams of less magnitude connecting with it. Pick-pocket falls, on Exeter river, are in this town, and near them are situated an extensive cotton factory and a number of mills. A card factory has been established here, which promises to be of great utility; and also an iron furnace for casting machinery. Quantities of iron ore have been found, and it was formerly worked with success. Vitriol, combined in masses with sulphur, has also been found here. Brentwood was incorporated June 26, 1742. Population in 1830, 891.

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