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Wrentham, Massachusetts

Norfolk county. There is a large pond near the centre of this town, from which issue several streams which flow to the Charles, Neponset, and Taunton. In this town are one woolen and four cotton mills, an axe manufactory; boat building to a considerable extent; and manufactures of boots, shoes, hats, hoops and straw bonnets. The total value of the manufactures of this town, for the year ending April 1, 1837, was $204,806; of which $77,815 was for straw bonnets.

Wrentham is a pleasant town, with a tolerable soil and diversified surface. It was taken from Dedham in 1673. Population, 1837, 2,817.

A family of Indians once resided in a cavern in this town, called "Wampum's Rock," which place is rather a curiosity. The Indian name of the town was Wallomapogge.

Wrentham is 27 miles S. by W. from Boston and 15 S. by W. from Dedham. This town is bounded S.W. by Mansfield, and within the region of a vast bed of anthracite coal.

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