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Whately, Massachusetts

Franklin county. This town lies on the west side of Connecticut river, 9 miles N. from Northampton, 11 S. from Greenfield, and 92 W. by N. from Boston. Incorporated in 1771. Population in 1837, 1,140. There are some pine plains, and a part of Sugar Loaf mountain extends into the town from Deerfield; still there are some tracts of good intervale land on the Connecticut, and smaller streams, by which it is watered.

The number of sheep in Whately, in 1837, was 1,650; weight of wool, 4,953 lbs.: value, $2,862. There are 3 woolen mills in the town, 3 tanneries, 3 distilleries, and manufactures of gimblets, augers, hammers, brooms, brushes, palm-leaf hats, boots, shoes, pocket-books, &c. Annual value, about $90,000.

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