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West Springfield, Massachusetts

Hampden county. This town is beautifully situated on both sides of Westfield river, at its confluence with the Connecticut, opposite to Springfield, to which it is connected by a beautiful bridge. Some parts of the town are rough and uneven, and in some parts are stony plains; but the general character of the town in regard to soil is alluvial meadow of an excellent quality. On the summits of the hills and along the rivers a great variety of wild and delightful scenery is exhibited.

There are 1 cotton and 2 woolen mills in the town, and manufactures of leather, boots and shoes; annual value, about $100,000. In 1837, there were 3,374 fleeces of wool sheared in the town, which weighed 8,512 lbs., and sold for $5,107. Good iron ore is found in West Springfield, and a species of limestone used for making water proof cement. Incorporated, 1774. Population, 1837, 3,227.

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