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West Bridgewater, Massachusetts

Plymouth county. This is the second daughter of the venerable Bridgewater, who found it difficult to find names for her progeny. This daughter was born in 1822, and although not so stout as her sisters, is healthy, comely and industrious. The manufactures of West Bridgewater consist of iron castings, shovels, forks, hoes, ploughs, boots and shoes: annual value, about $100,000. West Bridgewater is supplied with mill privileges by a branch of Taunton river, and is 25 miles S. from Boston, 19 N.W. from Plymouth, and 9 N.N.E. from Taunton. The number of her children in 1837, was 1,145; increase in 7 years, 103.

In 1820, ancient Bridgewater contained 5,662 children: the whole family, in 1837, consisted of 7,865 members.

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