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Ware, Massachusetts

Hampshire county. Ware possesses an admirable water power by Ware and Swift rivers. The surface of the town is rough and hilly, and the soil more fit for grazing than tillage. In 1837 there were 1,380 sheep in the town: value of wool, $1,667.

Ware is 66 miles W. by S. from Boston, 22 E. by S. from Northampton, and 23 N.E. from Springfield. Incorporated, 1761. Population, 1830, 2,045; 1837, 2,403.

Ware contains a beautiful village which commands an active and flourishing trade. There are two cotton and two woolen mills in the town, and manufactures of boots, shoes, leather, hats, tin ware, straw bonnets, palm-leaf hats, augers, sheet iron, starch, carriages, harnesses, and boxes: total value, the year ending April 1, 1837, $645,121.

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