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Townsend, Massachusetts

Middlesex county. The surface of this town is rather level; some parts are pine plains. The soil is generally light, but in some sections it is productive, particularly of fruit trees. It is watered by a branch of the Nashua, a beautiful mill stream, on which are divers mechanical operations. "Townsend Harbor," on the road from Groton to New Ipswich, N.H., is an active, pleasant village. The manufactures of this town consist of leather, palm-leaf hats, boots, shoes, ploughs, straw bonnets, fish barrels, nail kegs, and dry casks; annual value, about $75,000. This town was incorporated in 1732. Population in 1830, 1,506; 1837, 1,749. It lies 38 miles N. from Boston, and 22 N.W. from Concord.

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