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Shirley, Massachusetts

Middlesex county. This is a very pleasant agricultural and manufacturing town, 32 miles N.W. from Boston, 16 N.W. from Concord, and 18 S.W. from Lowell. There are some elevations in the town, but of warm and fertile soil. There are large tracts of intervale land along the streams, which are very fertile and valuable.

Shirley is separated from Groton by Nashua river and from Pepperell by the Squanicook, a branch of the Nashua. These streams afford Shirley a fine water power, which renders it an excellent location for manufacturing establishments. There are 1 woolen and 3 cotton mills in the town, and manufactures of boots, shoes, paper, leather, palm-leaf hats, &c. Annual value, about $125,000. Population, 1837, 967.

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