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North Bridgewater, Massachusetts

Plymouth county. This town lies 20 miles S. from Boston, 24 N.W. from Plymouth, and 10 S.S.W. from Weymouth Landing. Population, 1830, 1,953; 1837, 2,701. It is well watered by Salisbury river and other small streams which empty into the Taunton. The surface of the town is uneven but the soil is of a good quality, particularly for grazing. Incorporated, 1821.

The manufactures of the town consist of cotton goods, boots, shoes, hats, chairs, shoe tools, forks, hoes, cabinet and wooden wares, &c.: total amount, the year ending April 1, 1837, $236,700.

We regret that this very pleasant town was not called Titicut or Nunketest, one of the Indian names of the ancient territory.

This town was the first of the three Bridgewaters that have sprung from Old Bridgewater, named after the celebrated English Duke. We can see no good cause for attaching a cardinal point of the compass to the name of any town, particularly one of foreign derivation, when some beautiful Indian name meets the ear on the bank of almost every stream. Had the Duke bequeathed to good old mother Bridgewater and her three handsome daughters, (as he did to the city of Manchester,) the perpetual privilege of obtaining 140 pounds of coal for four pence, there would appear some reason for perpetuating and extending the name.

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