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Montague, Massachusetts

Franklin county. This town is on the E. bank of Connecticut river, opposite to Deerfield, and united to that town by a bridge. Turner's Falls, at the northerly part of the town, are more interesting than any in the state, and probably as much so as any in New England. The canal for passing these falls, 3 miles in length and 75 feet lockage, with an immense dam across the river, greatly facilitates the navigation on Connecticut river. This place has a great water power, and promises peculiar advantages to the manufacturing interest. The scenery around this place is romantic and beautiful, and to the lovers of antiquarian lore, full of interesting associations.

It lies 80 miles W. by N. from Boston and 7 S.E. from Greenfield. Incorporated, 1753. Population, in 1837, 1,260.

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