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Methuen, Massachusetts

Essex county. In this town is a beautiful water fall of 30 feet, on Spicket river, which furnishes an excellent hydraulic power. Methuen lies on the N. bank of Merrimack river, and is 25 miles N. by W. from Boston, and 20 N.W. by N. from Salem. It was taken from Haverhill in 1725. Population, 1830, 2,011; 1837, 2,463. There are 2 cotton and 2 paper mills in the town, and manufactures of leather, shoes, hats, ploughs, segars, essences, chaises, harnesses, chairs, tin and cabinet wares, and piano-forte frames: value, for the year ending April 1, 1837, $462,525. An excellent bed of peat has recently been discovered. It is 14 feet in depth, and very extensive. The soil of Methuen is very good, the village is pleasant, and the scenery around it, romantic and beautiful.

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