Marshpee [Mashpee], MA: history, population, rivers, lakes, mountains, resorts, hotels, motels, inns, and landmarks.

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Marshpee [Mashpee], Massachusetts

Barnstable county. An ancient Indian territory, and an incorporated district of 10,500 acres, or about 16 square miles. It lies 12 miles S.E. from Barnstable, 8 S.S.E. from Sandwich, and 8 E. from Falmouth. It is bounded on the S. by the ocean. There are 350 colored inhabitants in this territory, and some whites. There now remain only seven inhabitants, of pure blood, of the fathers of the forest. Their land is good for grain of all sorts and is well wooded. The territory is pleasant, and some parts of it afford beautiful scenery. The Marshpee and Quashmet are considerable streams, which, with numerous ponds and the ocean, afford an abundant supply of fish of various kinds. These people live by agricultural pursuits, the manufacture of various articles of Indian ware, by the sale of their wood, and by fishing, fowling, and taking deer. They are docile and hospitable; they appear to relish moral and religious instruction; and, under the superintendence of a humane and intelligent commissioner, appointed by the state, they are prosperous and happy. This is the largest remnant of all the tribes of red men west of Penobscot river, who, 218 years ago, were fee simple proprietors of the whole territory of New England!

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