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Leominster, Massachusetts

Worcester county. A beautiful town, of an excellent soil, and great water power, on both sides of a principal branch of Nashua river, 42 miles N.W. from Boston, and 20 N. from Worcester. This town was taken from Lancaster in 1740, and shared with that town in the sufferings occasioned by Indian hostility. The manufactures of Leominster for the year ending April 1, 1837, exclusive of the product of 5 paper mills, was $111,505. The articles manufactured were leather, boots, shoes, hats, axes, chairs, cabinet ware, combs, tin ware, straw bonnets, palm-leaf hats, chaises, carriages, and harnesses. Population, 1837, 1,944.

A rich alum rock has been found in this town which is said to be a decomposed mica slate. It contains an abundance of plumose, or feather form alum, like that of Milo, one of the Grecian isles, mixed with the green crystals of copperas, or sulphate of iron.

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