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Lanesborough, Massachusetts

Berkshire county. This township lies on elevated ground, the sources of some of the head branches of Housatonick and Hoosack rivers. It is situated on two hills, with an intervening valley. The lands in the valley are very luxuriant, and the hilly parts are admirably adapted for grazing. Lanesborough is a beautiful town, under good cultivation, and very productive. The inhabitants are principally farmers, who make agriculture a business, and reap its rewards. In 1837 there were in this town 12,333 sheep, whose fleeces weighed 42,489 lbs., estimated at $26,100. Limestone abounds here; also beautiful marble, and graphic slate. There is a delightful pond partly in this town and partly in Pittsfield: it contains trout and other fine fish.—Lanesborough was incorporated, 1765. Population, 1837, 1,090. It lies 125 miles W. by N. from Boston and 11 N. from Lenox.

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