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Fairhaven, Massachusetts

Bristol county. This pleasant town was taken from New Bedford in 1812. It lies across Acushnett river, about a mile east of New Bedford. It is united to New Bedford by a bridge 3,960 feet in length, and is associated with it in many of its enterprises. First settled, 1764. Population, 1830, 3,034; 1837, 3,649. There are 37 vessels belonging to this place engaged in the whale fishery, the tonnage of which is 11,564 tons. The value of whale oil and bone imported into this place, the year ending April 1, 1837, was $322,272. The number of hands employed in the fishery was 945. Capital invested, $957,000. The Acushnett produces some water power, on which are two cotton mills, a paper mill, and other operations by water. The value of cotton goods, leather, boots, shoes, tin ware, vessels, salt, wooden ware, chairs and cabinet ware manufactured, amounted to $40,363.

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