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Dennis, Massachusetts

Barnstable county. This town crosses the cape, and was taken from Yarmouth in 1793. Population, 1837, 2,750. It lies 8 miles E. by N. from Barnstable and 7 W. from Harwich. The first salt produced by solar evaporation in this country was made in this town, by John Sears and others, in 1776. About 7,000 tons of shipping belong to this town, principally engaged in fishing and coasting, and all manned by natives of the town. Bass river, rising from a pond, affords a small water power. 150 ship-masters belong to this town, sailing from various ports in the Union. The products of the cod and mackerel fishery, in one year, amount to $50,899. The manufacture of common salt, Epsom salts, vessels, and lampblack, amounted to $25,975.

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