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Yarmouth, Massachusetts

Barnstable county. Yarmouth extends across Cape Cod, and has a good harbor on each side. There are several ponds in the town, from which issue a small stream, called Bass river, and from which a small water power is derived. The soil of the cape here becomes thin, sandy and unproductive. The people of this town are principally devoted to the fishing business, coasting trade, and the manufacture of salt. There are, however, some manufactures of vessels, cordage, leather, cabinet and tin wares, chairs, boots and shoes. Some sheep are kept, but the agricultural productions are small. A large number of vessels are engaged in the coasting trade, and in 1837, 13 vessels, of about 50 tons each, were employed in the cod and mackerel fishery: the product, that year, was $26,622.

During that year there were in operation in this town, 52 establishments for the manufacture of common salt, and 4 for the manufacture of Epsom salts. The quantity of common salt made was 365,200 bushels. The value of common salt was $109,560; of Epsom salts, $1,350. Hands employed, 55.

In 1837, there were in the state of Massachusetts 743 establishments for the manufacture of salt: 758,392 bushels were made, valued at $246,059, employing 708 hands.

Yarmouth is bounded W. by Barnstable and lies 72 miles S.E. from Boston. Incorporated, 1639. Population, in 1830, 2,251; 1837, 2,454.

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