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Brookfield, Massachusetts

Worcester county. The Indian Quaboag, a large, fertile and beautiful township, in two parishes, well watered by several large ponds which give rise to a principal branch of Chickopee river. For about forty years after its first settlement, in 1660, this town suffered exceedingly by the Indians. The ponds afford fine fish of various kinds, and in this town is a mineral spring of some celebrity. It lies 59 miles W. from Boston, 18 W. from Worcester, and 7 E. from Ware. Incorporated, 1673. Population, 1830, 2,342; 1837, 2,514. The agricultural products of this town are butter, cheese, wool, and fine beef cattle. The manufactures consist of boots, shoes, leather, iron castings, ploughs, chairs, cabinet ware, palm-leaf hats, silver plate, shoe makers rolling and shingle machines, sleighs, carpenters' hammers, coach wrenches, sewing silk, and wooden legs. These manufactures, for the year ending April 1, 1837, amounted to $248,502, exclusive of the silk.

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