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Barre, Massachusetts

Worcester county. This excellent agricultural township is on high land and is well watered, particularly by Ware river, on which are many mills. The manufactures of Barre for the year ending April 1, 1837, amounted to about $365,000. The articles manufactures were woollen and cotton goods, ($161,000) copper pumps, boots, shoes, carriages, leather, palm-leaf hats, ($167,200) straw bonnets, axes, scythes, and gunpowder. Large quantities of beef, butter, cheese, &c, are annually sent from this town to Boston market. It was incorporated in 1774. Population, 1837, 2,713. It lies 65 miles W. by S. from Boston, 24 N. by W. from Worcester, and 15 N.E. from Ware. Barre took its name in honor of Col. Barre, an eloquent friend of America in the British Parliament.