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South Berwick, Maine

York county. This town is situated on the N.E. side of Salmon Fall river, 97 miles S.W. from Augusta, and 10 W.N.W. from York. The limits of the town have recently been increased by the addition of a portion of the territory of York. It was incorporated in 1814. Population, 1830, 1,577; 1837, 2,342. The Great Falls on the river at this place afford an hydraulic power of great magnitude and value. Manufacturing operations commenced here many years ago, and have been gradually increasing; but in 1837, the "Great Works Manufacturing Company" was incorporated. This company have a large capital, and are making arrangements for manufacturing on an extensive scale. When it is considered that this place is located on navigable waters, and only about a dozen miles from the beautiful harbor of Portsmouth, by water, these operations promise a favorable result, both to individual enterprise and the public.

The village of South Berwick is pleasantly situated; it is a place of considerable trade, and in the vicinity of delightful scenery.

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