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Piscataquis county. Sebec is a township of good soil, and is well watered by Sebec Pond and its outlet, Sebec river, which empties into the Piscataquis, on the north side, in the town of Milo. This town lies 87 miles N.N.E. from Augusta and 9 N.N.E. from Dover. Incorporated, 1812. Population, 1837, 987. Wheat crop, same year, 7,650 bushels.

Sebec Pond lies in the towns of Sebec, Foxcroft and Bowerbank: it is about 10 miles long, and about a mile average breadth. Its outlet is a good mill stream of about 10 miles in length. The country around these waters is fertile and heavily timbered, and the scenery picturesque and beautiful.