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Poland, Maine

Cumberland county. Poland is situated on Little Androscoggin river, 6 miles above Lewiston falls. It is 44 miles S.W. from Augusta and 26 N. from Portland. Incorporated, 1795. Population, 1837, 2,251.—Wheat crop, same year, 3,965 bushels. This is an excellent farming town with good mill privileges, several ponds, and a pleasant village.

A family consisting of about 70 of that curious people denominated "Shakers," reside in Poland. They possess about 600 acres of choice land. They are attached to the society at New Gloucester, about a mile distant. Their village is on a beautiful eminence. To say that their village is neat and handsome, and that their lands and gardens are well improved, would be superfluous. See Canterbury, N.H.

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