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Lewiston, Maine

Lincoln county. Lewiston lies on the E. side of Androscoggin river, at the falls. The waters of that river descend 47 feet, in the distance of 12 to 15 rods, and produce a valuable hydraulic power. The town extends on the river about 13 miles, and is connected with Minot by a bridge, at the foot of the falls, of 1,000 feet in length. This is a township of good land, with some manufactures of woolen and cotton goods, and a number of saw mills. Wheat crop, 1837, 1,920 bushels. Incorporated, 1795. Population, 1830, 1,549; 1837, 1,737. Lewiston is 28 miles S.W. from Augusta, 34 N. by E. from Portland, and 25 N.W. from Bath.

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