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Perry, Maine

Washington county. This town lies on the W. side of St. Croix river, and 5 miles N.W. from Eastport, to which it is connected by a bridge. It is favored with good navigable waters, and is a place of considerable enterprise in the fishing business, ship building, and the coasting and lumber trade. It is 184 miles E. by N. from Augusta and 25 E.N.E. from Machias. Incorporated, 1818. Population, 1837, 929.

At Pleasant Point, in this town, on the margin of the river, is an Indian reservation, the residence of the remnant of the Openangos, or Passamaquoddy tribe. The village contains a Roman Catholic church, about 20 cottages, and 120 souls.—The reservation comprises about 27,000 acres.

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