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Eastport, Maine

Washington county. The township of Eastport embraces and is constituted of Moose, Dudley's, Frederick, and Patmos islands, the chief of which, whereon the village of Eastport stands, is Moose island, in sight of, and but a short distance from, Indian and Campo Bello islands, belonging to the British. Eastport is a beautiful harbor in Passamaquoddy bay, on the eastern boundary of the United States, and noted for smuggling adventures by stangers visiting the place during the embargo and war. It is about 7 miles N. by W. from West Quoddy Head, 176 E. by N. from Augusta, and about 30 E.N.E. from Machias. The tide is very rapid, and rises 25 feet. There are two long bridges connecting Moose island with Dennysville and Perry; each cost $10,000. Eastport and Lubec are the chief towns in Pasamaquoddy bay, and are extensively engaged in the fisheries, and the trade of the extensive waters of the river St. Croix and Bay of Fundy. Tonnage of Passamaquoddy bay, 10,712. Cobscook Bay and its tributary waters, on the west, give to Eastport a large trade in lumber. Moose Island contains 2,150 acres of rough land. It was first settled in 1780. In 1790 it contained only 244 inhabitants. There are now on the Island a handsome village containing 60 wharves, 80 stores, 5 meeting-houses, a United States garrison, and 5,000 inhabitants.

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