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Passadumkeag, Maine

Penobscot county. This town lies on the east side of Penobscot river, 98 miles N.E. from Augusta and 30 N. by E. from Bangor. The soil of the town is fertile, and promises a rich reward to the industrious farmer. Population, 1837, 422. Wheat crop, same year, 1,070 bushels.

The village of Passadumkeag is admirable located, and will doubtless become an important mart of the trade of a large section of country. This flourishing village lies at the junction of Passadumkeag river with the Penobscot. This delightful stream is about 25 miles in length. It rises in the north eastern part of this county, and waters the northern part of Hancock county. It re-enters Penobscot county, and receives the Cold stream, two miles from Passadumkeag village. Both the Passadumkeag and Cold stream afford excellent mill privileges.

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