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Parsonsfield, Maine

York county. This town lies at the N.W. corner of the county, and is bounded W. by the state of New Hampshire, and N. by Ossipee river. It is 36 miles W. by N. from Portland, 21 N. by W. from Alfred, and 93 W.S.W. from Augusta.—First settled, 1774. Incorporated, 1785. Population, 1837, 2,510.—The surface of the town is rough and hilly, but the soil, though hard, is productive of good crops of grain and hay. Wheat crop, 1837, 3,929 bushels.

There are many good farmers in this town, and good specimens of iron ore, zinc, and crystalized quartz are found here. In this place is an incorporated seminary, for the education of males and females. The institution is under the direction of the Free Will Baptists, and is in a flourishing condition.

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