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Oxford county. This town embraces Kezer pond, a large sheet of water, and other ponds whose outlet is into the Saco at Fryeburgh. Lovell lies 10 miles N. from Fryeburgh, 20 W.S.W. from Paris, and 67 W.S.W. from Augusta. Incorporated, 1800. Population, 1837, 876.

"In this town are Lovell's Falls, which are an object of great natural curiosity. Where the water makes over into the tremendous basin below, it falls perpendicularly 40 feet. Above the falls, there is a chain of eight ponds, partly in Lovell and partly in Waterford, connected by small natural dams one or two rods in width, through which there are sluiceways, which will admit the passage of a small sail boat. The scenery of the mountains and ascending lands in the vicinity is rural and beautiful."