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Kennebunk, Maine

York county. This town is situated on the S.W. side of the Kennebunk river, and is regarded as one of the pleasantest towns in New England. Population, 1837, 2,343. In former years the business of the town was mostly of a commercial character, there being a large number of vessels owned here, which were engaged in the West India trade. But this trade is now nearly abandoned, and the navigation is engaged in the freighting, coasting, and fishing business. Ship building has been carried on here to a great extent for about seventy years, and some of the finest ships in the country have been built in this place within the last few years. There is one large cotton factory in operation, and other privileges for large manufacturing establishments on the Kennebunk, and the Mousum, a pleasant stream which meets the ocean in this town. Kennebunk is a port of entry: tonnage of the district, in 1837, 6,964 tons. Incorporated, 1820. It lies 80 miles S.W. from Augusta, 25 S.W. from Portland, and 15 N.N.E. from York.

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