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Calais, Maine

Washington county. At the head of navigation on the Schoodic, or St. Croix river, nearly opposite to St. Andrews, N.B. The Upper village or Mill Town, is about two miles from tide water. At the Lower village, below the falls, is a bridge to the British side. Calais lies about 28 miles above Eastport, about 35 N. by E. from Machias, and 204 E.N.E. from Augusta. This is a great mart for lumber of all kinds. About 40 saw mills and other machinery are in operation by the great fall of the river. The tide rises here about 20 feet, and large vessels ascend to the lower village. A rail-road is in operation between the two villages; it is to extend to Baring. Incorporated, 1809. Population, 1830, 1,686; 1837, 3,027.

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