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Waterford, Connecticut

New London county. This town was taken from New London, in 1801. It is washed on the east side by the river Thames; and on the south by Long Island Sound, from which a bay or inlet extends, between Millstone and Black Points, quite into the centre of the town, affording a harbor for small vessels. This is a resort for fishermen on the Sound, and many species of the finny tribe are taken captive.

There are a number of ponds in the town, three considerable mill streams, and two woolen factories. The surface of the town is rocky and uneven, with a gravelly loam, productive of corn, vegetables, fruits, and feed for cattle. In 1837 it contained 2,582 sheep.

Waterford lies 37 miles S.E. from Hartford and 4 W. from New London. Population, 1830, 2,463.

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