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Stafford, Connecticut

Tolland county. This town lies 24 miles N.E. from Hartford, 6 N.E. from Tolland, 27 N.W. from Brooklyn, 36 N. from Norwich, 14 N.E. from Springfield, Mass., and 73 W.S.W. from Boston. Population, 1830, 2,515.

The surface of the town is rough; in some parts mountainous, abounding with rocks of primitive formation. Its soil is a coarse, hard and dry gravelly loam, generally not very productive. There are several minerals in the town, but iron ore is the principal. As early as 1779, a blast furnace was erected here, and cannon shot, hollow ware, &c., were cast.

The town is watered by Furnace river, and the Willimantic, which unite in Stafford, and afford a good water power. There are in the town several blast and cupola furnaces, a cotton mill, manufactures of pistols, axes, adzes, carpenters' chisels, tailors' shears, drawing knives, and several other articles of cutlery. There are also manufactures of cotton and woolen machinery, cabinet ware, brush handles, iron card cylinders, and two forges for making wrought iron.

Stafford Mineral Springs have acquired considerable notice and are celebrated for their virtues in curing cutaneous diseases.

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