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Simsbury, Connecticut

Hartford county. The territory of this town was formerly a part of Windsor: its Indian name was Massacoe, and was incorporated in 1670. The surface of the town is greatly diversified by hills and valleys; a range of mountains pass through the town, and there is some level and good land within its limits on Farmington river. Population, 1830, 2,221.

Tariffville, a flourishing village, is situated at the northeastern extremity of this town, on the west bank of the Farmington river, which at this place passes south, at the base of a range of mountains, which divides this part of the State from the great valley of Connecticut river. This place is a carpet manufacturing village, owned principally by a company called the "New England Carpet Company;" they employ 175 hands, and manufacture yearly about 132,000 yards of carpeting. This flourishing village is between three and four miles south of Simsbury mines, in Granby, near the New Haven and Northampton canal, and 12 miles N.W. from Hartford.

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