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Sharon, Connecticut

Litchfield county. Sharon lies on the west side of Housatonick river, opposite to Cornwall. The eastern part of the town is elevated, mountainous, and stony, but is suited for grazing: the western part, which borders on the state of New York, is a fertile tract of undulating land, and very productive of all sorts of grain. Agriculture is the chief business of the inhabitants; they provide for about 10,000 sheep. Population 1830, 2,615.

Sharon was first settled in 1739. The village is situated principally on one street, on the eastern side of a beautiful valley, 16 miles W.N.W. from Litchfield and 47 W. by N. from Hartford. There is a beautiful village called "Hitchcock's Corner," partly in Sharon and partly in the state of New York: this also is situated in a beautiful valley, and rich in agricultural resources.

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