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Goshen, Connecticut

Litchfield county. First settled, 1738. Incorporated, 1749. Population, 1830, 1,734. Goshen lies 6 miles N. from Litchfield, 42 N.N.W. from New Haven, and 32 W. from Hartford. Great attention is paid in this town to the education of youth. Ivy mountain in Goshen is considered the most elevated point of land in the state; its summit presents an extensive and delightful prospect. "Goshen is the most elevated township in the state, but not generally mountainous; the surface being undulating, affording an interesting diversity of hills and vales. The soil is a gravelly loam, deep, strong and fertile, admirably adapted for grazing. This is one of the best towns for the dairy business in the state. Large quantities of cheese are annually made, the fame of which is widely and justly celebrated, and the inhabitants are generally in prosperous circumstances. In neatness, in and about their dwellings, and in the appearance of general comfort and prosperity, they are not exceeded, if equalled, but any town in the state."

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