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East Hartford, Connecticut

Hartford county. This town is situated opposite to Hartford, and connected to it by a bridge across the Connecticut river. The soil of the town is generally fertile, but the alluvial meadows on the border of the river, of which there is a large tract, is of a superior quality. The agricultural products of this town are very considerable. Hackanum river furnishes the town with a good water power, on which are valuable manufacturing establishments, particularly of paper. East Hartford is noted for its manufactures in former years. The first powder mill in this country, it is said, was erected here in 1775. Anchors, mill screws, nail rods, gunpowder, paper, snuff, and glass were manufactured here in 1784. The early settlers found the ferocious and warlike tribe of Podunk Indians in this neighborhood. One sachem commanded two hundred bowmen. This is a very pleasant town. The main street, which is very long and wide, is delightfully shaded by stately elms. East Hartford was taken from Hartford in 1784. Population, 1830, 3,537.

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