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Bristol, Connecticut

Hartford county. This town was taken from Farmington in 1785. It is watered by some streams which flow into Farmington river, and there are found within its limits iron and copper ores, and granite. The copper mine is very rich and productive, and will probably become a source of great wealth. "The surface of the town is uneven and hilly, and the soil is a gravelly loam, and considerably fertile, producing all kinds of grain, grass and fruit, common to this region. This is a manufacturing town, and the inhabitants are distinguished for their enterprize and industry. There are at present sixteen clock factories in which nearly 100,000 brass and wooden clocks have been manufactured in a single year. The manufacture of buttons is also carried on in this place." Bristol is 16 miles W. by S. from Hartford, and 28 N. from New Haven. Population, 1830, 1,707; 1837, about 2,500.

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