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Whittingham, Vermont

Windham county. Deerfield river passes through this town and forms considerable tracts of valuable intervale. The surface of the uplands is diversified; with a good soil for sheep, of which many are kept.

Sawdawga pond [Sadawga pond], in Whitingham, is rather a curiosity. It is a handsome sheet of water, covering about 500 acres. For many years past earth has been forming over its surface, and from 75 to 100 acres of land now rise and fall with the waters of the pond.

Among the first settlers of Vermont, many remarkable instances of longevity and fecundity are found. A Mr. Pike had 28 children; 19 of whom were living a few years since; the youngest aged 25 years. Mr. Benjamin Cook died in this town, a few years since, aged 106 years. He had followed the business of shoemaking through his life. He celebrated his hundredth birth day by making a pair of shoes, without the use of spectacles.

Whittingham was first settled in 1773. It lies 17 miles W. by S. from Brattleborough and 18 E.S.E. from Bennington. Population, 1830, 1,477.

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